Friday, July 6, 2018

Tips & Trick to ace the PlayOffs

In this week’s blog we are going to tell you a few tips and tricks on how to beat this month’s PlayOffs and sign up to our community.

Hope you guys checked out our all new PlayOffs and Net Practice modes now on both iOS and Android. While the Net practice allows you to practice offline, the PlayOffs mode is the most challenging and rewarding experience in the game. 

But first things first, if you haven’t updated the game yet, here’s your link to check out What’s New!

To play the PlayOffs, you need to first reach Level 8 in the game. Once you enter the PlayOffs, you are given a 7-day window where you can enter the PlayOffs, pick your team and play until the PlayOffs ends. As you beat teams and progress, you could win up to a million coins. IT IS A MODE WHERE YOU CAN DO SO MUCH MORE! You can build partnerships, hit hundreds with your favorite batsman, shuffle your batting order, hit six sixes in an over, etc etc. It is a mode where some skill is involved but is also challenging and fun. Check out the highlights of a Kohli-Dhoni Partnership in an Ind vs Eng ODI here. You can also click to watch the same.

Here are a few questions that we came up with to answer for you:

When do the PlayOffs start?
On Android, the PlayOffs was already live since the 1st of June, the last date to enter the playoffs is 8th June after which you have 7 days to complete the PlayOffs.
On iOS, the PlayOffs timing is a bit different. You can enter and play the mode before 12th June.  

Where do I earn coins to enter the PlayOffs?
Oh, that’s easy! You can earn coins by playing either in the Legendary mode or in the Events mode by winning matches. Specifically, in the Events mode you could play the ‘Coin Master’ Event which gives you lots of coins with every match.

Has anybody completed the PlayOffs yet?
Yes Of course! The skill that these players have is just amazing. This week, almost 300+ players claimed around 1000 gems and a million coins. It’s time for you!

We hope you enter the playoffs and enjoy the game with your ultimate team. If you have come across this blog after the date has passed, then we hope you don’t forget to try the PlayOffs next on the 29th July. All the best!

Also, how do I sign up for the Community?
You can Sign Up & Join a Cricket Friendly Facebook Community (CFFC) (closed group) to get early updates and access to our game beta features, gaming studio tours and win some cool rewards, invites and promo codes for your loyalty! All you need to do is follow the suggested steps below:
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Step 3: Await an Invite

Friday, June 29, 2018

What you need to know about Sachin Saga's latest Game Update

Okay! We have News!!

Before you find out! Ensure you have the latest update downloaded on your phone so you can check out What’s New!


We have been extremely excited to announce that we are now a 5 million strong community, after hitting the landmark download this week. It’s been a phenomenal run this year, right from our launch through the India gaming Show at Bengaluru and the IPL. We can’t wait for you to get your hands on the updates we have planned for you through the year. Now, for some game news!


Yes! One where you can choose your favorite team and play the PlayOffs and the other which is Offline and allows you to practice different shots in regions as per your selection. It’s a mode you can play when you are waiting in the lines and really want to practice some of those shots which are cool and possible to play in the game.  

1.     What’s the PlayOff Mode about?
You can pick your favorite national/domestic team from the world and play a complete series of matches and gather loads of rewards on your way to the finals. It’s a time-based, Ad-free mode where users can compete in the PlayOffs and complete their matches within a given period of time. The first PlayOff Season begins on the 1st of July! With exciting matches on our calendar, leagues and international tours are all set to become real on your phones. It’s challenging, fun and rewarding! Also, who doesn’t love a mode where ads don’t play!

Check Out our latest game trailer below: 

2.     What can you do in the Offline Net Practice mode?
The Net Practice mode gives you the opportunity to practice your shots in different regions of the ground offline cos practice off the ground is as important as playing on the ground. You can pick any kind of bowler, bat left or right handed and even select the region of the ground you wish to practice. You could practice and improve your timing and shot selection. Click on the video below to see a demo of how is done. 



You can Sign Up & Join a Cricket Friendly Facebook Community (CFFC) (closed group) to get early updates and access to our game beta features, gaming studio tours and win some cool rewards, invites and promo codes for your loyalty! All you need to do is follow the suggested steps below:
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Friday, June 22, 2018

Sachin Saga's new Offline addition & Community Sign Up!

Have you wondered why it is sometimes hard for some of you to hit sixes in the Sachin Saga Game? Do you miss a lot of deliveries while trying the power shot? Have you thought that maybe if you could move the batsman a little bit around, it would become easier to play? Well maybe not! 

And, here's why! The Sachin Saga Cricket Champions is the only mobile cricket game to have real-world physics developed and integrated into the game with respect to ball movement on the cricket pitch. With all the animations in the game being motion captured to give a realistic experience, the ball physics had to be just as real. If you are not already aware, the animations in the game were motion captured by Sachin himself in the same studio where one of the James Bond movies was shot in London. It was the only way we were going to create a realistic cricket gaming experience on mobile. It took a great deal of effort to produce the kind of realistic experience in the game. So, we totally understand if you have found it difficult to make those sweet spot connections on your bat to find the boundary. And, to fix this, we are introducing the net practice mode next week. Now, you could ask us. "Why would you prefer real ball physics over player's ability to score easy runs?" We'd say "Where is the fun in playing something that is unreal?" 

The Master Blaster once said that it was the training and practice that ingrained the ability to apply himself during matches. The net practice gives players the opportunity to practice offline for online matches in the Event and Playoffs mode. It allows players to play and practice areas of batting that they find difficult during matches or when they are in areas with a low network. The mode also allows players to play as per the preference to practice and improve timing. You can choose to play left handed or right handed, face any kind of bowler - spinners and pacers and in any shot region. With more practice, we are hoping players will be able to perform better in the other modes to earn rewards. This would also largely help players record videos of their favorite Sachin matches to compete in our upcoming "Favorite YouTuber Contests". 

Lastly, don't forget to sign up on our Facebook community (closed group) to get early updates and access to test our beta features, get studio tours and also win some free rewards & invites for your loyalty!
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See the video below to see Arun Alfred hit 17 sixes on his way to a hundred (Yes, It's Possible):

Friday, June 15, 2018

Sachin Saga Update: What's New?

It's been less than a month since the 11th season of most successful global T20 league - the IPL came to an end. But cricket is the most followed sport in the country is filled with non-stop action through the year for fans all over the world on and off the field. With fans gearing up for the cricketing action on the calendar, Sachin Saga too is gearing up for a flurry of exciting updates this year that is bound to keep fans engrossed online and offline. The all-new PlayOffs mode in the game is all set to hit the Play Store and App Store later this month. 

In addition to the Legendary mode and the Event mode, this new mode PlayOffs has been added to the game kit. The Legendary mode takes you through the journey of Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar through 108 of his most memorable matches and delivers to you an immersive experience of batting like Sachin Tendulkar in stunning graphics and a realistic match like gameplay that no other mobile cricket game offers. The Event mode, on the other hand, is tailored for you to compete with other players for the top spot on a leaderboard. You can build your favorite team by winning or purchasing cricket cards from a host of cricketers ranging from Bradman to current day Rashid. Players who top the leaderboard can win in-game currency and special event rewards. 

What is the PlayOffs mode? 

PlayOffs is a mode where you can choose your team from a host of teams and play a complete series of matches starting with the World Playoffs this month, followed by exciting leagues and international tours coming in the Playoffs mode in the future. 

With a new PlayOff to be held every month, players who complete the playoffs and all its challenging milestones within the stipulated time can win massive amounts of in-game currency that will help you collect even more cricketer cards. Check out our latest teaser to get a sneak peek into the new mode: Sachin Saga Cricket Champions: PLAYOFFS Mode Teaser (2018)

Lastly, with the end of the IPL, the Season 11 mode is all set to be retired. So if you are one of those playing the season 11, continue to play and complete your matches before June 28th. 

Stay tuned for more digital cricketing action.